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What is Lumen Literacy?

What does "lumen" mean?

Lumen literally means "light" in Latin.  The name for the company was chosen because literacy brings light to people's lives.  The ability to communicate, orally and in written form, is essential to mastery of most any career pursuit.

The idea grew from the knowledge that  a more personalized teaching environment, where lessons can be tailored to a learner's personal needs and experiences, affects student outcomes tremendously.

Reading & Writing Instruction – Reading is a skill that permeates every aspect of life.  Reading requires the ability to get through the words, yes. Successful reading involves comprehension and synthesis -  life skills.  Each student has their own unique approach and set of experiences.  Lumen Literacy will tailor lessons to each student using the Orton-Gillingham method to optimize the learner's current skill set in order to broaden their expertise.

Assistance in Organization & Study Skills – There are a number of habits and skills a person needs to achieve their goals.  Using an organized approach to responsibilities inside and outside of school can make more time to focus on academics.  And, developing strong study skills can create results and promote lasting success that reaches beyond a report card.

Support for Parents & Families – The field of education is full of thoughtful and caring people, but it can be difficult for parents to know how to most effectively advocate for their child within the school system.  Families can expect support from Lumen Literacy as we ensure that your child has all the supports in place to be and feel successful.

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