Summer Programming

Avoiding the "Summer Slide"

Summer provides a much needed opportunity to  be a bit unscheduled, explore, and reconnect.  Those 8 weeks (or so) are valuable.  But,  all that recharging can be done without loosing those wonderful skills your children acquired during the school year.  

Lumen Literacy is offering services over the summer from June 1 through July 15, and August 5 through 9.   Services offered are listed below.  Lesson plans will be adapted to the specific needs of your child.

Summer enrichment can happen at home, too.  Here are some suggestions to prevent brain drain- 

1. Make reading part of the daily routine

2. Take weekly trips to the library

3. Use a diary to make short journal entries

4. Write postcards to family and friends, even from home



Diagnostic Reading Evaluations


Learning needs vary with each student.  With this in mind, the type of assessment used will depend upon each learner's story.

Results of assessments taken with Lumen Literacy will be used in tandem with anecdotal history as well as other reports and assessment records to create a full picture of what a given client needs.

Orton-Gillingham Individualized Instruction


Orton-Gillingham is an instructional method intended for use in assisting people who have difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling.

The approach is unique because while it follows a sequence, the lessons are tailored uniquely to each student.  This multi-sensory and structured approach can benefit students with or without dyslexia.

English as a Second Language


By capitalizing on learners' individual strengths in literacy, Lumen Literacy can assist students in transferring those skills into their new language. Becoming literate is larger than the act of reading; it requires space where a learner can reimagine his or her identity through their new language.  Lumen Literacy can help clients connect with their new language in effective and personally meaningful ways in the journey to fluency.

What to Expect

A Thoughtful Approach

With Lumen Literacy, clients can expect personalized lessons so the learner can more meaningfully participate in the lesson and contribute their own background knowledge and experiences.

When lessons are thoughtfully prepared, teachers and students cultivate deeper trust in each other, and find more meaning and success in the learning process.

Experienced Support

Teaching since 2002, Maura has worked in a multitude of educational environments: public and private, affluent and disadvantaged, both in the US and overseas.

It is through those experiences that Maura came to appreciate the importance of meeting each student where they are at and using all information available to ensure the best result.

Collaborative Framework

Student growth requires information about a student's learning history, but also a team of supporters.  Working with teachers, other specialists, and parents is an essential part of the puzzle when Lumen Literacy develops a plan for a positive outcome.

Successful students have a series of people to rely on throughout their day and week, and that means collaboration is necessary.