Personalized Lessons

  "She sees things outside the box and isn’t afraid to teach in different learning styles for our daughter." 

"My son enjoys the tutoring sessions and really benefits from the personalized activities that are both instructive and fun. "

Improved Reading Skills

  “I’m so glad that I found Lumen Literacy!  My son has shown significant progress in a short amount of time, and I love that his confidence is up!  His Lexile level has improved, his reading comprehension scores have increased, and he even made the honor roll!"

"With her exceptional skills and patience, our daughter has turned a corner and is actually enjoying reading now.  Maura gives her the confidence she has needed to succeed."

Engaging Sessions

  "We are so pleased with the gains our son has made in decoding and reading comprehension during his tutoring sessions. Each week Mrs. Briggs tailors a lesson specific to his needs and interests, and incorporates a variety of activities and games that keep him engaged."

Orton Gillingham Lessons

"We reached out to Maura to help fill the void for our child having a deficit in reading abilities, borderline Auditory Processing Disorder/Mild Dyslexia.  Maura has bridged the gap beautifully for our child.  They both put in the hard work it takes to learn and teach reading especially when the child is behind."

Strong Communication

"I appreciate the excellent communication and being kept informed with verbal feedback and frequent written updates.  I’m very grateful for Maura’s time and expertise and can’t say thank you enough!!!”

"She provides us with a weekly e-mail summarizing the day’s lesson and includes suggestions for vocabulary or strategies to review at home."

Warm & Encouraging

"Her warm manner put my shy 4th grader at ease and his confidence in his reading abilities has grown tremendously. I highly recommend her services to any parent looking to provide extra reading support to their student."



  • B.A. Elementary Education, Alverno College

  • M.S.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction, University of Wisconsin


  • Reading Specialist

  • Teaching English as a Second Language

  • Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator

  • Licensed educator in 3 states (Georgia, Maryland, Wisconsin)

Professional Organizations

  • International Literacy Association

  • International Dyslexia Association

  • Childspring International